Commissioned Paintings

Arrangements for commissioned paintings can be made on request

Commissioned painting by April Raber
Martha's View     12" x 14"   Oil on Canvas   by April Raber

I enjoy doing commissioned paintings.  The only thing I ask is that you allow enough time to understand what you envision, and to fit the work in to the schedule of other commitments I have made. 

Commissioned paintings are special for both of us.   I want to understand the scene that you want to capture, what that image represents to you, and the location where it will be displayed.   From this I will come up with some suggested approaches we can discuss, then finalize together.  During this process it is helpful for me to learn about which of my previous paintings you are most attracted to, and why, so I can use that to further refine the creative process I will use for you.   

I have done everything from large murals to small 8x10 paintings, including several paintings made to a special size for a specific location.  My work has been divided between private and commercial commissions, and I am comfortable doing either. 

Contact me for inquiries regarding commissioned paintings