Industrial Collection

original industrial oil paintings by April Raber

power distribution grid painting by artist April Raber

Transfer of Power

8" x 16"  Oil on linen

I came upon this scene while driving inland, near San Bernardino. The light, the fog, the structure, seemed like a dormant garden waiting for Spring.

(private collection)
Night industrial painting by artist April Raber

Starry Night

8" x 16"  Oil on linen

The port of Los Angeles is a 24x7 operation.  Here, one of the refineries will be running all night, kept company by a constant parade of trucks passing by.  No doubt we will be filling up later this week with some of San Pedro's finest.

(private collection)
oil derrick painting by artist April Raber


6" x 8"  Oil on board

There is a small field of oil derricks working in the industrial area of Long Beach. This painting is of one of them, early one overcast morning.

Long Beach Industrial area by artist April Raber


8" x 16"  Oil on linen

It is early morning in the port area of Long Beach.  A field, long since relieved of its abandoned warehouse, stands between us and an industrial mirage of giant towers and cranes.

Valero oil refinery near Wilmington, CA by artist April Raber


16" x 12"  Oil on board

(private collection)
Central California oil painting by artist April Raber


8" x 16"  Oil on board

Birdbath depicts the western part of California's San Joaquin Valley in "Cotton Country." Here, amidst a power distribution grid so vital to the valley's irrigation network, a flock of birds bathe in a puddle of water overflowing from a clogged irrigation ditch.

Birdbath was purchased by the Festival of Arts for their permanent collection.
Red Gate

Red Gate

14" x 11"  Oil on board

This painting was done at a building materials yard.  The materials are stored behind a high wall.  What caught my eye is that the stairway ascending the wall ends with a curious red gate, seemingly leading to an afternoon moon hanging in the winter sky.

This painting was selected for exhibition at Oil Painters of America 18th Annual National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils, Sage Creek Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, May 1 - May 31, 2009

(private collection)

Red Tank

12" x 16"  Oil on canvas

This is one of the cement factories that serves Irvine.  I drive by it almost every day, and have come to admire its steadfastness.  Now I consider it an old friend, deserving of a fitting portrait.

(private collection)

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